25 March 2009

Department of Redundancy Department

Apparently, the Kansas House has decided that the people need to vote to add an amendment to the state Constitution affirming the right to own guns.

Honestly, what is wrong with our legislature? We have serious problems to address and they debate this, giving breaks to a Christian license plate and more unnecessary restrictions on abortion. It is a blatant case of political pandering.

For all my gun nut readers...no worries, NO ONE is coming to get your guns, unless you're a felon or nuts (by the way, you really don't NEED an AK-47). The NRA just wanted to raise some $$$, I'm sure you'll get a really nice card at Christmas.

Seriously, who sets the agenda for the Legislature? They really need a handler, someone to keep them on track and doing things that actually make a difference (in a good way! Like raising the minimum wage like they did today. Not by trying to defund Planned Parenthood - you tools!). These sort of hot button issues should really be reserved for times when they don't have real work to do (so, yes I mean never).

How do these people keep getting elected?