23 February 2010

The Hypocrisy of Sarah

So, let me get this straight...

Sarah "Fear the Death Panels" Palin's own grandson uses *gasp* socialized medicine.

And guess what - Sarah's entire family (minus herself) would qualify for it. You see, Todd Palin comes from Native Alaskan stock, meaning that up to a certain point his progeny are entitled to health benefits provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Now, let me be absolutely clear - I do not begrudge the Palin children their entitlement - I do however have serious problems with a woman that will bad mouth the Government teat, while her grandson is feeding on it.

Our health care system is an unequal, unfair mess...people like Sarah Palin do not help this. Like many other decisions Queen Sarah has made, she doesn't want to grant the peasants the same opportunity. Sarah never has to worry about money for medication for Willow or occupational therapy for Trig, partially because of her mega-book deal and her shady dealings as an elected official, but also because her children were born into a system with a safety net - we all should be so lucky.


02 February 2010

The Trouble with Tebow

The Super Bowl is a time for cheesy, silly often stupid commercials interrupted by generally a marginal football game. Don't get me wrong - anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a huge football fan. Usually the Super Bowl is a let down - that's just the way it works out.

Unfortunately, it seems the conservative evangelical group Focus on the Family feels the need to interrupt a mindless day of sports and junk food consumption with an ad about Tim Tebow and his family.

Here's the story in a nutshell - Tim Tebow's family were missionaries in the Philippines, Mrs. Tebow got very ill and even slipped into a coma. The medications that were administered caused pregnancy complications and could have caused fetal defects. According to Mrs. Tebow - she was told that an abortion might be the best way to proceed. Because of her faith, abortion was not an option for her - she "chose" life. That's where it gets sticky - the truth is abortion is, was and has been illegal for a VERY long time in the Philippines, just suggesting one put the doctor at risk. He could have been imprisoned for actually administering a therapeutic abortion. Whether or not the details of the Tebow story are made to seem more "pro-life" than they really are - is up for the reader to decide.

My "right to life" supersedes anything that might reside in my body, until I DECIDE IT DOESN'T. If I decide to risk my life to continue a pregnancy that is my decision - however, to make that decision in an environment where abortion is illegal or within a religious community that condemns abortion as evil - really makes it a false choice. The truth is from Mrs. Tebow's mindset - she had no true choice at all.