27 March 2009

Freedom to Blog?

Have you noticed the blogger backlash?

(h/t to agingdiscodiva.com for the picture)

Amanda Terkel from Think Progress was harassed by a producer from the O'Reilly Factor after Terkel reported her differences with O'Reilly. The fact that she dared to disagree with the "mighty" Falafel Bill meant that she deserved to be followed two hours from her home and accosted (on camera, mind you).

Well now, somewhat more disturbing news comes out of Alaska (I expect crap like that out of Bill O'Reilly). A blogger who rose to prominence during the first days of the nomination of Gov. Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket, has been outed by a Democratic State Representative.
Rep. Mike Doogan apparently became somewhat obsessed by the opinions and popularity of the blogger who went by AK Muckracker and the blog The Mudflats.

Rep. Mike Doogan, courtesy of AKDemocrats.org

AKM's sin was posting a criticism of Rep. Doogan for being dismissive and snarky in e-mail responses to constituents. AKM had wanted to remain anonymous because Alaska is apparently like a giant Peyton Place with oil. We all know that Palin has been accused of punishing poltical foes - so it does not go against reason that it might be a good idea to keep your identity private. Especially, if you are getting 64,000 hits (increasing throughout the campaign) a day talking about her. This blogger has decided to take a bit of time to decide what the future holds for the Mudflats. (Warning - the server has been a bit flaky, lots of concerned people).
****Edit: This is a bit of the background on the "investigation" and personality of Rep. Mike Doogan, courtesty of Progressive Alaska.

Honestly, isn't this why most of us choose to blog? The idea of passing on a bit of knowledge or perspective to someone else? AKM was in the right place at the right time to shed some much needed light on the Palin situation. The information AKM has provided on the Mt. Redoubt eruptions and the Chevron tank farm was something I wasn't hearing anywhere else.

I'm sure there are a lot of us that might be a bit concerned if what could have been just a flame in the comments, ends up as a knock at the door. I think the fact, that in this case, it was an elected official makes this even worse.

How do you feel? Do Bloggers have a right to anonymity? Or are bloggers Neo-Journalists and should have to disclose who they are?

If you care to voice your displeasure with Rep. Doogan:
Ph: (907) 465-4998
Or (800) 689-4998
Fax: (907) 465-4419
AK State Capitol
Room #112
Juneau, AK 99801



  1. Very well stated Nicki.

    Here's what happens to Alaskans that file ethics complaints against the Palinator.

  2. If you do call Doogan's office (as I did, and as I'd encourage), please remember that his staff are innocent bystanders in all this and be polite.

    Staffer Matt was very polite back to me, and faithfully promised to pass along to Sir Doogan that I will be contributing to any and all campaigns mounted against him in future, as a direct result of his filthy, threatening little vendetta.

  3. Thanks for the info on Celtic Diva, Silly Git! This whole situation is just unacceptable.

    Grace thank you for stopping by! Yes, it's always important to be nice to the staffers! I often feel a bit sorry for the staffers in situations like this!