21 April 2009

Open Letter to Senator Sam Brownback

Dear Sen. Brownback

Thank you for responding to my recent correspondence.  It's always nice to feel like my views are appreciated by my elected officials.  Too bad you utterly fail in this regard.  If you are not going to respond to what a constituent has actually written to you - don't bother to respond.  You are obviously completely out of touch with the people you serve.  I can only hope that our state isn't idiotic enough to elect you Governor.   

Now, on to the reason for my writing.  I wrote you a letter stating that if you felt that government run healthcare was not a beneficial thing for the American people, then you should forfeit your taxpayer funded healthcare.  Not a hard concept to grasp I wouldn't think, something that you should probably have your interns actually respond to.  Instead - I get your average drivel about Health Savings accounts and how the big bad government shouldn't be in charge of my health care.  Well, Senator - if I had access to decent health care that might make a bit of a difference to me.  I don't think you realize how many people you marginalize with those type of ideas.  It is very easy to say you are for choice in the healthcare system - when you have a buffet's worth of choices.  Your constituents are hurting, Senator and dismissing their valid concerns as something that isn't politically advantageous is against your duties as an elected official.  

From your letter: "That is why I believe the best way to address  health care costs is to let consumers choose the policies that best fit their specific needs."  Why didn't you just say "YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!" because that is really what you are saying.  People tell you they can't afford premiums...your answer is "Sucks to be you".  Also from your letter:  "With greater competition between private insurers and less government regulation, consumers will ultimately be offered more choices, better services, and overall lower health care costs."  Do you honestly believe that?  Increased competition is a joke - health insurers have a responsibility only to their shareholders.  You should never have the health of another person in the hands of a company that would benefit from that person dying.  By denying care, by restricting access, by claiming a pre-existing condition - insurance companies are able to improve their bottom line while screwing the people trusting them.  You should be ashamed of yourself. 

I hope that you sleep easy knowing that thanks to taxpayers you will never have to live with the idea that a serious illness could ruin you.  I hope that you can rest easy knowing that if you get cancer you will get the very best medicine our money can buy. 

For a man that claims to travel a certain level of moral high ground - your lack of compassion for your fellow man is astounding.



  1. Yeah! Let's here it for socialism! Government run healthcare will be great. The government is so good at running things. I can't wait to get the great healthcare that our veterans get in the VA hospitals...Will you liberals ever take responsibility for yourself and stop asking for handouts?

  2. @ Anonymous

    I really wish you idiots would do a little research before you buy a computer and start enlightening the intertubes.


    Says the person who will have no problem cashing social security checks, soaking up medicare benefits like a sponge, driving on interstate highways, eating federally subsidized food, enjoying the protection of a standing military, having their education partially funded, wearing velcro shoes, etc, etc, etc...

    But of course, up until now we lived in the United States of Self-Reliance.

    STFU and grow a brain, you hypocritical moron.

  3. I have dealt with a lack of health insurance or the lack of a well-designed program known as Medicaid in my own life and for my own chronic illness. The problems with both scream for universal health care.

    Forget the morons. They are lost.