13 May 2009

Confessions of a SCOTUSphile

court_front_med I have been fascinated by the Supreme Court since I was a kid.  Yes, even then I was a political nerd.  Between the nomination of Sandra Day O’Connor, the Bork and Thomas hearings, the Pelican Brief – I watched it all! 

Now brings us to another such pivotal moment in our nation’s history.  As you are all aware David Souter has decided to hang up his robe and bid the town he despises adieu. 

Souter’s tenure has been interesting.  Nominated post Bork and Thomas – Daddy Bush, was looking for an easy sell.  He found a judge that he thought was pretty conservative, but one that had very little in the way of a paper trail.  In the end, Bush was very surprised by the judge he got.  Honestly, it was a lucky mistake for those of us that prefer a progressive court.  Souter has never liked D.C., and if you believe certain reports he was brought to tears by the deciding of Bush v. Gore (as anyone with a shred of judicial integrity should have).  So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Souter would wish to cut his time on the bench a bit short. 

What we all should be asking ourselves now is – Who will it be?  Not that President Obama probably cares, but my advice would be to make this a “swing for the fences” kind of pick.  This is a situation where you have a near filibuster proof  majority – go for it.  The court tilts conservative – balancing the court is very important.  While he will probably have the chance to nominate at least one, probably two more justices, but who knows what the congressional make up will be at that time or how support will be for the President at that time. 

Here’s what I want:  Sorry guys, but I want a female justice.  I want an unashamed liberal, who will reaffirm Roe and that believes in the rights of people.  Who believes in the Separation between Church and State.    Basically, I want the kind of justice that will make Eric Cantor’s nog pop off. 

So Mr. President, Swing for the Fences. 


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  1. I have absolutely no objections to a female justice and I certainly would like an unabashed liberal voice. We'll see.