05 May 2009

Sick and Tired

I really don't even know where to start this post.  I'm a big ball of frustration and that doesn't lend itself well to eloquent writing, but well here goes.

When will our elected officials get it?  While we all expect our Government to accomplish things, if it requires completely abandoning the principles that got you elected - it probably shouldn't be done.

For example: Healthcare.  Tomorrow (well actually later today) there will be hearings on the hill regarding our healthcare crisis.  Unless the line up has changed - single payer healthcare will not be represented.  Why?  Because it isn't popular with politicians that line their pockets with insurance money.  (Ben Nelson - you are a tool!)

For those that don't get it:

1) A lot of people cannot afford the astronomical premiums charged by the insurance companies.

2) Not everyone's employer assists them with healthcare costs. (In fact more and more companies are not offering group coverage)

3) Most insured people do not understand their policies and will be in for a rude surprise, should they actually have to use it.

4) If you have a pre-existing condition - you are probably S.O.L. in finding your own coverage.

The people of this country NEED help!  It is the responsibility of our elected officials to work for US - not for their re-election or for their next campaign donation.

Our Congresspeople do not understand the issue as it effects average Americans.  

How many of them are worried about paying for food because they need to get a prescription filled?  
How many of them have missed a check up because they just didn't have the money/coverage? How many of them are one illness away from losing everything?  

Not a single one.


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  1. Right on Nicki! I have to say though, if something isn't done while the Democrats have the White House and Congress, I am not sure if it will ever come to pass.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!