16 August 2010

American Experience....

King Panders To Town Hall Bigots: Obama’s ‘A Marxist’ Who ‘Doesn’t Have An AmericanExperience’

kingRep. Steve King (R-IA)

"However, when a nearby constituent called President Obama not just a “Marxist,” but a “Muslim Marxist,” King tacitly agreed. King went further, pandering to the town hall attendee and repeatedly saying that Obama “does not have an American experience”:

KING: I’ve just started to think about what we need to do and I have made this argument for a long time now that I am in the business of seeking to embarrass the administration into enforcing the law, particularly with regard to immigration.

BYSTANDING CONSTITUENT: He won’t do that. He’s a Marxist! He’s a Muslim Marxist.

KING: He’s at least a Marxist. And he surely understands the Muslim culture.

CONSTITUENT: He surely does. That’s where he grew up with, that’s his culture.

KING: He doesn’t have an American experience. He does not have an American experience.

CONSTITUENT: He didn’t grow up in America.

KING: Mmhmm."

The thing is...Barack Obama's experience IS uniquely American. Much more so than his rich, legacy predecessor. How many of us were products of "broken"***homes? How many of us were raised with the help of our grandparents? How many of us were exposed to different faith traditions on our paths to adulthood? The correct answer is more than most people know. Is it the fact that Obama lived overseas that makes his experience less American? If his step-father had been a Christian missionary - would it be okay with you Rep. King? (His step-dad worked as a government liaison for Mobil - by the way - good 'ol Oil...).

And for the record....I wish Obama was half the "Marxist" they claim he is. Oh and that he "understands Muslim culture" is a GOOD thing.
***Broken homes...I really HATE that expression. For many of us - the best thing our parents ever did - was separate.


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