14 April 2009

A Plea...


This is a plea to all my media friends, please stop talking about what the First Lady is wearing. If she "recycles" outfits or pieces, or wears something that Oscar de la Renta doesn't like - IT'S NOT NEWS! Put that crap in Cosmo or People magazine, but please stop polluting my news sites with it.

We have a person, a real, breathing, thinking human being in the White House and he has a person, a real, breathing, thinking, human being as his wife. Instead of treating her like some Hollywood starlet, maybe focus on the things she's trying to do. The only story I've enjoyed ready about FLOTUS and her clothes, was the gardening story - where she had dirty kneed pants and velco sneakers. That was awesome...I can't imagine any of the other First Ladies that way.

The President and First Lady are not royalty - this idea that they are somehow breaching protocol by being human, is absurd.

*Yes I realize this is a fluff post about a fluff issue - but well, it happens (I have an excuse, I'm not a professional). I am hoping to get some video footage of my local Teabagger party tomorrow, assuming we don't get assaulted lol.



  1. I couldn't agree more! Who cares what people wear. My guess is the Hollywood starlets feel the same way.

    I do however think you would have seen Laura Bush in the garden, with dirty kneed pants. Wonder why she didn't garden in the WH? Or if she did, maybe her outfit just wasn't news worthy! :)

  2. It's sad. The human interest stories have been old since the beginning. I don't care if they have a dog, or the clothes they wear. Not that people won't notice, but it doesn't deserve wall to wall coverage.

    I am right with you.