11 April 2009


I must admit I'm a fence-rider when it comes to the existence of God. I'm a skeptic, I think it's a story with some really good parts - but I also feel like there is way too much that has been tainted by the hands of men (the compilation of the Bible, for instance). But it was a bit comical this morning when I awoke to tapping on my screen door. Two Jehovah's Witnesses had chosen my house today. I wouldn't have really thought much of it if I hadn't posted my Blog Against Theocracy post last night - I thought the timing was funny. I guess I was being "punished". LOL.

On to other random things:

Notre Dame -
To those protesting the appearance of the President at Graduation. Please shut up. He's coming to address your commencement, not to become a Bishop. Your school has hosted several speakers who's views do not gel completely with Church doctrine...this is not a special circumstance. If you had an issue, you should have thought of that before you invited him to speak.

Arizona State University -
First off, it's an "honorary" degree...quit being stupid. While I disagree with the idea that the President is not "deserving" of an honorary degree, I have to admit I think the Scholarship program fits much better with what this President is about.

The Vatican -
Any one that knows me, knows that I am not a fan of the Vatican - it is nothing personal against followers of the Catholic faith, it is the Vatican itself. The repressive and regressive nature of it's doctrine, is something I can't agree with. Guess that's why I'm not Catholic. Anyway, the Vatican has decided that Caroline Kennedy is not worthy of being our Ambassador to the Vatican. My first thought is, why do we have an ambassador to the Vatican? My second thought is, fine - you don't like Caroline Kennedy because she's pro-choice, then well - you don't get an ambassador. Period.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the Blog Against Theocracy, I realize that I'm not a very good writer when I read these posts...lol I have some work to do!



  1. Sometimes I engage right-wing Christians who come to my door in debate, just to see what they'll tell me. When I grow bored, I very kindly show them to the door.

  2. Sometime God's timing is perfect Nicki! But I will tell you that I don't really agree with the JW's stance. I'll have to read your previous blog. But I will tell you that religion is man made. And if you gave Christ a chance, not religion per se, you might find your self picking a side! I have the utmost faith that I will see you in heaven some day! :)